Grateful for What He Created

Did you ever just look at something in amazement? Staring at it for a while and saying to yourself “this is so beautiful.”   Like the brilliant colors of a sunrise or sunset, the bright blue ocean water, a water fall or a tree blooming in the spring with its awesome flowers in array of colors? Did you take the time to thank the painter and sculpture today of all of this beauty?

This past week my husband and I had the pleasure to adventure on the island of St John.  The blue water and green mountains in front of us were “breath taking.”  God’s creation is so beautiful here in the states, but on this Caribbean Island it was even more BEAUTIFUL.  Getting out into the outdoors makes us grateful and thankful to God for His AMAZING creation.  It helps us to be more attentive to His presence feeling the gratitude for His awesome power.  After being in doors all winter being in the outdoors does our minds and bodies so good to be out amongst the beauty that surrounds us.


Do you notice when you are outdoors this brings you a thankful spirit for all He has created?

Do you thank Him for His beauty?

Do you feel His presence more of the time when being outside versus inside?


I can speak for myself saying yes to these questions, but sometimes I do take some of life for granted.  I think we all could say that we would want to take less for granted and have a thankful, grateful spirit living every moment thanking Him for our surroundings and the many blessings He bestows upon us. So let us put on our thankful and grateful spirit and be in His presence each and every moment thanking Him for all of our blessings. Thank Him for the sunset tonight, the sunrise tomorrow and the flowering trees and flowers.  Time spent with good friends and family. Be thankful for your health-we should not take it for granted for we do not know when something could go awry in our wonderful made and complex bodies.


This past week we were very blessed to see the beauty of St John and we would like to share some pictures with you.


The lush green mountains with the blue ocean surrounding it!



                   Looking down on Coral Bay


IMG_0070                             The Beauty of Trunk Bay


IMG_0037                                                Love the blue water




We do not want to forget His creation and beauty under the ocean too!


I also took some pictures around our property of the trees and flowers blooming when we arrived home.  Their beauty is also breath taking!




                          Pink and Pretty Flowers




     Flowering Trees



            Love me some yellow tulips



Beautiful even if it is leaning!


I am going to take less for granted and make sure I take every opportunity to thank Him for the blessings  I can see and the blessings I cannot see!

Imagine the beauty that awaits us in Heaven!

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