Soaking In The Warmth




During my daily bible reading, I was reading in Leviticus 6 yesterday about how God asked Moses to pass on this instruction to Aaron and his sons pertaining to the burnt offering for their sins. In verse 9 God said that, the burnt offering must be left on top of the altar until the next morning, and the fire on the altar must be kept burning all night.  He(God) had started the holy fire and wanted it to keep burning.  God wanted it to represent His continual presence in the sacrificial system.  Only by God’s favor, it showed the people His graciousness on them for Him to accept their sacrifices.  



Because Jesus died on the cross for our sin, we as believers today have this “God’s fire” in us.  He lights the fire with the Holy Spirit to come and live in us.  He lovingly tends to it so that we will grow in grace as we walk with Him.  When we are aware of His presence within us, we have confidence to come to Him for forgiveness and restoration.



I love the part where he lovingly tends to us (through His fire, the holy spirit)so we will grow in grace as we walk with Him.  I don’t know about you but I could handle a whole lot of tending to and grace right now if not always!  This week was not an easy week. Not because anything has happened or did not happened.  I have kept up with my daily bible reading and stayed in prayer with Him but plainly as I can say I am finding it difficult to grab a hold of my joy.  This is where the Lord comes in, I leaned on back into is loving arms today and let Him shine all that grace and love on me and love me tenderly.  As I was sitting out on the back deck in the sunshine today letting my body just soak up the warm sun as it shined down unto me, I realized I get the same feeling when I stay in constant communication with Him.  When I am still and let Him just talk to me, I feel the same kind of warmth as I soak all of Him in. It keeps my fire burning more bright.  I love the free gift He gives us in the Holy Spirit.  



So why not lean on into Him today and be quiet and still.  Wait to hear from Him, soak Him in, feel His warmth and let Him lovingly tend to your fire and grow in His grace.  Come to Him for forgiveness and restoration.  We need to take time to be with Him in order for His fire that is within us to stay burning bright.  Even when we are taking care of everyone else around us we need not forget to let the Mighty One take care of US!  I love that He is there for us and loves us so much!  Let Him tend to you today and grow in grace as you walk with HIM. 



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  1. mim

    Thanks, Mary!
    A great thought to ponder!

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