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Mary and her husband

Me and my wonderful husband


Hi friends!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!
I’m Mary Hostetter.  A woman who is an ordinary Mary, named after my Grandma who was a very special lady!  She was the most wonderful women I have ever met. (stay tuned to read more about my Grandma)
So I am a wife, mother of three sons. Met the most wonderful man 5 years ago (and we got married), who I adore walking through life with him.  My sons are the most caring, loving, young men. My oldest is a dear, my next son who is deaf and my third son Tyler who went home to be with the Lord.  All of them have taught me so much about life.
Life has had it hard knocks and I want to share how through all my brokenness, I have found such joy and peace walking day to day with Lord. I do not always get it right believe me, but I know HIS GRACE FLOWS DOWN.
I want to share with you on this blog the things I am passionate about;
~being a Mom who loves very deeply her twenty somethings
~being a wife
~devotions and things the Lord is putting on my heart to share
Again, I will be the first to say I am a mess and without depending on the Lord, I could not even get close to getting it right, but with his grace, love and mercy I am made whole. So thankful for his faithfulness!
On my blog, I want to share with you how God gives peace and joy freely to us in all our ups and downs of life.  He desires this for us, each and everyone of you.
I am talking to you right now, He loves you more than anything!  He wants your heart!  He desires it and loves you!  You are amazing!

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  1. Julie Hottenstein

    Hey Mary, This is so exciting! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what the Lord lays on your heart! He has made you so beautiful!!! Love, Julie

  2. Ellen Gingrich

    SO Sweet, Mary! Sue’s sunset! It blessed my heart to see that again and hear your words of grace and truth. Thank you!


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