Taking A Break…..

  Okay so I am taking a break for a month from Facebook.  I have decided that I can use the time to spend with my Jesus.  (Your Jesus too!)  Facebook can be addicting for me and I feel time away from it  will be good.  I want to be sharing more time face to face too with loved ones(hint to my boys ~ your Mom wants to see you!)  Face to face time is still the most important way to communicate with each other.  

Face to face time is great too for  bible study time with some incredible women in my life, or coffee and teas to catch up with each other.  I love when my girlfriends say I miss you let’s meet for coffee or stop bye and I will make us something to eat.  How sweet and blessed I am for God giving me loving, caring  and very sweet girlfriends.  They even still send the snail mail cards to let me know they are thinking of me and praying for me.

 Jack and I too were just talking yesterday how blessed we are by having such a wonderful loving, caring church family.  They say they miss you when they do not see you in ABF or church and wonder if everything is okay.  Sometimes we just don’t run into each other.  But I know if I say I need help they are there….Life is good!

So as I take this break this next month from social media(except my blog) I look forward to living life a little fuller. Maybe I’ll even have a few more blog posts.

So enjoy your summer and keep in touch.  One way to keep in touch is to subscribe to my blog posts by signing up in the right top column to keep up to date with what I am posting this summer.  Remember to confirm the subscription by responding to the email sent to you.

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May God’s grace be with you all!

Remember to encourage each other often.







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5 Responses to Taking A Break…..

  1. Janice Bauman

    I enjoyed reading this and feel like I should do the same (take a break from FB and focus on spending time with Jesus, family, and friends). Thanks Mary!
    Have a great month!!

  2. Hello, Mary! I enjoyed this post and am thankful there are others who are willing to lay aside social media for the sake of being with Jesus! I have never joined facebook…I fear that I would become too consumed with it and the important things in my life would suffer. You blessed me today! So glad I stopped by. May your break reap a bountiful, spiritual harvest! Love, Cheryl

    • Marbe50

      Thanks, Cheryl for your kind words. Your comment brought a smile to my face!
      Love, Mary

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