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Playing in the Dirt

IMG_3396   I know I have not had a post for a long time.  I am finding myself very busy working around the outside of our property.  I am not going to have a long post today, but hopefully soon I will be able to get back to writing.

  Lots going on here~planting, rototilling, moving plants, watering, power washing and pulling weeds!  There is something so refreshing about SPRING.  Working in the dirt and renewing the ground reminds me of God’s love.  He is always giving us opportunities to fill refreshed in soaking in his living water.  Soaking in His presence helps us to have joyful thoughts, living with gratitude and praising Him keeps us refreshed and new.  This helps us out of our negative thought patterns and depression.  So as the rototiller takes away the weeds and give us fresh ground so is the same as God’s love.  If we take on His love that He freely gives us we can be refreshed by the springs of life! Try praising Him and living with gratitude and I promise you will be refreshed and new!

  I hope you are all enjoying the weather and all spring has to offer!




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Happy Day for Some, But Hard for Others!



As a mother for almost 29 years now, I have celebrated many Mother’s Days.  But today I think about this day and how hard it might be for those who wish motherhood would happen for them and to be called a mother, they would desire it dearly, but for them it has not yet happened.   To add to this how about the ones who no longer have their mother here with them on Mother’s Day or the ones who have lost a child and are doing Mother’s Day without out their precious gifts. Or even for the ones who have not had any contact from their son or daughters for some time now.  For some, it’s a day of great joy and for others it is a day of great sadness. 


This day is about LOVE and HONORING those who we love!  I am blessed by having my Mother and two twenty something sons here on Earth to celebrate this DAY.  I might not always do or say the right things as a Mother, but I hope my boys know they are very special to me.  I feel like mothering is a tough thing to get right at any age, but I deeply feel parenting twenty somethings is really hard.  They are not children anymore, now they are adults and making their own choices.  I need to remind myself to keep taking 3 steps back and let them make their choices even if these choices are ones I am not sure about.   I want to love them unconditionally and let me tell you I pray for them like continually!  They are good men. (did I really just say that~MEN)  Yes, they are men and are loved always and forever!  They are a very special gift!


For me, I have one son, who every year is not with me.  He is in Heaven and I miss him so, but I am so glad to know that one day because of salvation I will see Him soon again.  (I love the HOPE that my faith brings.)  He is always in my heart, holding a very special place in this Momma’s heart!  


To all of you out there with hurts and longings today, I am praying the Lord will meet you in the place where you need Him most! I know it is not a Happy Mother’s Day for everyone!

Praying you feel the LOVE of CHRIST today and everyday!



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Celebrating Life

428502_10200477137984928_160806677_n428502_10200477138024929_338412158_nIt’s been party time around here!  I celebrated my “50th” Birthday with about 76 guests Saturday night.  My husband and friends were really busy these last 2 months planning this party and pulling it off.  They surprised me “big time.”

Saturday night I thought we were going to watch my husband win an award for “Service work” he did for Rotary.  He even had an invitation on Rotary letter head sent in the mail to our house.   So, I was convinced we were going to a Rotary dinner.  Then as I rounded the corner and walked into the large room I see family and friends and they yell “Surprise” and sing Happy Birthday!  What a treat!  A huge blessing!  The love of all my friends and family sharing and celebrating with me was a very special night!  Memories to last a lifetime!


As I reflect back to how God has blessed me so much, by giving me incredible friends who love me so well,  I see how far he has brought me.  As I give more and all of myself to Him, He has been so faithful back to me. Life is not always surprise birthday parties and there are challenges and disappointments but I hang on during those times realizing God is good and He is forever faithful to me.  There are ups and downs as any Christian experiences in life, but having a personal relationship with Him has been an incredible thing for me.  Leaning on Him each day and not living for the things this world tells us are important, has been such a life changing event for me.   The most important thing is accepting His MIGHTY LOVE because without HIM my life would not be so FULL and I would be spiraling down in bitterness and sorrow.


Friends, I rebelled for years thinking I did not need Him.  I wanted to be “cool” and be into what the world thought was “cool.”  I believed in Him but did not seek Him for my everyday living.  When I started to let HIM LOVE ME only like HE CAN LOVE, then the walls started to come down and I was able to actively seek HIM.  I started out reading and trying to understand the Bible, then I got connected into a church with a Sunday School class where I was being taught the Word.  The more my faith grew the more I understood.  The Holy Spirit guides us along this path of growing us and helping us to learn.  I started Beth Moore bible studies which were a powerful gift for me.  She has taught me so much through using TRUTH of the Word to show us “His way” is better than “our way.”  Let me tell you, I do not get life right and I still make mistakes but through His LOVE , GRACE, TRUTH and WORD, He is blossoming me into a new creature.  I am letting my old self die and continuing to live the good life of Christ!



2 Corinthians 5:17

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!


Romans 12:2

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Galatians 2:20

My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
Friends if you haven’t known a life full of His kindness and splendor- I dare you to reach out and live life a little fuller by accepting His Love and Truth.  Pray and ask Him how to show you to live fuller in Him.   He will take you for an awesome ride!
I pray for all of you, that your walk will become deeper in His Word!
Love you,


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