Playing in the Dirt

IMG_3396   I know I have not had a post for a long time.  I am finding myself very busy working around the outside of our property.  I am not going to have a long post today, but hopefully soon I will be able to get back to writing.

  Lots going on here~planting, rototilling, moving plants, watering, power washing and pulling weeds!  There is something so refreshing about SPRING.  Working in the dirt and renewing the ground reminds me of God’s love.  He is always giving us opportunities to fill refreshed in soaking in his living water.  Soaking in His presence helps us to have joyful thoughts, living with gratitude and praising Him keeps us refreshed and new.  This helps us out of our negative thought patterns and depression.  So as the rototiller takes away the weeds and give us fresh ground so is the same as God’s love.  If we take on His love that He freely gives us we can be refreshed by the springs of life! Try praising Him and living with gratitude and I promise you will be refreshed and new!

  I hope you are all enjoying the weather and all spring has to offer!




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2 Responses to Playing in the Dirt

  1. Sylvia Robertson

    Hi Mary,

    Digging in the dirt is my way of life right now, and thank you for your encouraging words……spring is beautiful and with the property here spring has been beautiful with trees blooming and plants coming up that are so unique I only see them in books, Martha the previous owner was a very good gardener and I am amazed how so many things can grow so well in shale. It’s like what you say, they become so resilent, and tough…..this evening Jim and I will plant two beautiful clematis at our back door thanks to the great plants and flowers I purchase at “H0stters”!!!! great garden center……I even bought two Fig trees, I had them in Maryland and I am hoping they do good for me here too.

    Have a great day digging in the dirt, as today I do erronds……Sylvia

    • Marbe50

      Thanks, Sylvia. I amy glad you are enjoying your new home and all that the new growth of spring brings little surprises and great joy to what you find growing in your gardens surrounding your beautiful property! Looking forward to the future brunch for the mission auction at your home.

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