Love, Sacrifices and Suffering


This is the day He was NAILED to the CROSS.  The day He suffered mightily for all of OUR sins.  The sacrifice that was made for us was BIG.  How can we ever think we are suffering when we consider the suffering that was done for us.

Mary with Sue at Regional

I was reading scripture(her comfort) to her while visiting her in the hospital

My friend Sue who is now in heaven with her beautiful Lord taught me about suffering. She had cancer and she was suffering with this terrible disease, but she NEVER complained one time about her suffering.  What she would say is “how can I not take my suffering when Jesus took on the biggest of all suffering.”  She was a very strong faith woman.  She was a friend to many.  We (family and friends) learned so much from her and are so thankful she was a part of our lives and what she has taught us will live on forever. A wonderful legacy! We miss her so much!


I also think about the women I met last week.  Ninety women came together for the common work they do serving the Lord in over twelve countries.  Today I think about the sacrifice and for some of these women the suffering they endured.  Some of them like our main speaker suffered the loss of her husband martyred for sharing His faith.  Others had been held captive and others have had friends who were killed for the same reason.  These women are obedient to the call the Lord has placed on their life. So they sell there belongings and move their family to a strange sometimes desert lands.  To love on these people God has surrounded them with in their everyday situations.  Their passion and love for the Lord and others was so evident this past week (it was truly bubbling out of them) as I was serving in Spain being along side of them for 4 days.


So He died on the cross for us, for our sins and our salvation.  His soul knew the agony ahead of him and He anticipated what He knew what lay before Him.  In the hours ahead he would be humiliated and abused, and suffer shame and pain on the cross.  The accounts tell us he prayed many times in the days before that brutal Friday. He would go off alone and pray to be able to deal what was in front of Him in the days to come.


“For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.”2 Corinthians 5:21 NLT


For my friend Sue she would be in constant prayer helping her to get through each day until the end of her fight.  (Like Jesus)  She fought hard! It was not unusual to see her in her Bible a couple times a day.  I miss this beautiful woman!


Do you accept the love of our Savior who took on all our mistakes, ugliness and all our junk?  He is love.  This Good Friday and Easter Weekend let’s think about the LOVE that he gave us all!  I know for me I feel very undeserving at times of this Love!  He suffered and died for us!  Lord, Your love is better than life!


Enjoy the above link  to “Your Love” a beautiful song about His love for us!

Hoping you celebrate His love this weekend!


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